USUAL stands as a brand that builds from the founder’s experience, when he started his journey to find self-confidence that made him feel good about himself, and it started with perfume.

But nowadays, there are a hundred local brand perfumes that release a new perfume everyday.

Such an overwhelming condition especially for people who just started their fragrance’s journey.

Seeing this,
USUAL becomes a perfume brand which is easy to understand with our belief that perfume is one of those tools to make people not only smell good but also feel good by applying their perfume before starting the day and finally with all the processes they go through, they will find the best version of themselves.
The definition of ‘USUAL’ is a ‘Normal’ or something that you do everyday, regularly and commonly. As a brand, we derived this word as a brand name because we want perfume to be a “usual” thing that you apply over your skin or fabrics everyday.

So, perfume is no longer a fancy thing, it is just ordinary stuff that you spray everyday on your daily basis.

This brand is built over the spirit and believes that everyone should be the best version of themselves.

To pursue and achieve what we believe, in USUAL we try our best to craft fragrances that make it easy to choose and understand.

USUAL provides various scents that match our daily occasions, but still at a reasonable price. Perfume is a small detail that brings a great impact to ourselves, it’s like a cherry on top of the cake.

“Take a part of your journey by making you feel good everyday through perfume, so that you can be the best version of yourself.”

“To make people easier to understand about perfume, through a clear scent description and also divide our collection by gender and their best occasion. Once people understand more easily, they’ll be more willing to wear perfume as part of their daily routine. In the end, they’ll feel more confident and feel good about themselves, which finally makes them the best version of themselves.”
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