We believe that people who dare to be unusual are the people who can make change.

Because every change always starts from different or unusual point of view.
This project is a reminder that the world needs those who think unusually, those who are unafraid to choose their own path and those who stay true to themselves. It symbolizes the courage to express people's thoughts freely, without fear, judgment, or rejection. It is a tribute for people who have different point of views about something and dare to take steps to realize it based on what they believe.
UN/USUAL is a new perfume line from USUAL PARFUMS that focuses on molecule skin scent perfume. Molecule skin scent perfume is a perfume category that focuses on creating a minimalist, intimate, subtle, and more personal scent, created using synthetic molecule notes, which usually have functions to be a complimentary note or as an enhancer for other notes, but in this molecule skin scent type of perfume, the synthetic molecule notes will act as the main star of our perfume. Those molecules will be the main character while the other notes will play supporting roles.

UN/USUAL has a minimal composition where mostly the notes are reactive to people's skin signature aroma and create a scent that smells differently on each person. It is based on our customer’s experience who have used our first molecule skin scent perfume, Nothing Eau de Parfum.
UN/USUAL is created as a manifest from our core value where we want to embrace the different or unusual points of view that every single person has. That's why UN/USUAL offers different experiences in which each person can get a very personal scent. Overall, UN/USUAL creates an intimate and ever-changing relationship between the people and the fragrance. This is an unusual way to make you feel good through unusual scents. This is UN/USUAL.

P.S. All variants in UN/USUAL are gender-neutral perfumes. You can wear it anytime and anywhere you want.


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