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Introducing our OUT OF SHOWER
Who doesn't like the smell of a masculine fresh out of shower scent?
A versatile perfume that will make you feel fresh, clean, and unstoppable.
Bright, fresh Bergamot meets with piercing Pepper in the opening, blend with sweet and tangy Ambroxan. These notes blend well with Lavender, Vetiver, and spicy Sichuan Pepper. Finally, it dries down to a sweet, peppery, and woody scent. The freshness will accompany you through out the day.


Kesegaran OUT OF SHOWER akan membuatmu merasa terus segar dan percaya diri.
Dibuka dengan aroma fresh citrus Bergamot yang menyegarkan, berpadu dengan aroma Pepper yang spicy, dilanjutkan dengan aroma Ambroxan yang “metalic” sehingga memberi kesan maskulin, dan tercampur apik dengan aroma Lavender, Vetiver, dan Sichuan Pepper. Diakhiri dengan aroma kekayuan dan spice yang hangat.

For: Men
Occasion: You can use it anywhere and anytime
Price: Rp279.000
Size: 100ml
Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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